Exercising Outside of the Gym

I have just got home from my regular Monday night Dodgeball game, sweaty and worn out as usual and I realized just how good of a workout I had! Sometimes you just cannot drag yourself to the gym to do your cardio session between your training sessions or hit the weights on your lifting day. Here are a some great options for fun yet great workouts that anyone can do!


1. Dodeball

Might as well start with one of my favourites. We all played it in gym class and if you were the slow pudgy one like I was, then you most likely hated it. Well it has made a comeback. People from the age of 18-58 can hit the court, show off your best dodging skills and unleash some dodgeball fury. Besides all the stress relief, you also get a great core and shoulder workout from all the throwing. Add in all the dodging and you get a great cardiovascular workout. For more sweat, make sure you sprint for the balls at the start of each game.

2. Ultimate Frisbee

This is my personal favourite. The non stop running back and forth, sharp cuts and vertical jumps needed to score points make this a full body burn. Trust me when you take off after a frisbee that keeps going and going you will find speed you did not know you had. You may not be the best at throwing the frisbee, but anyone can jump into a game and play defense and catch the frisbee. Most leagues run an indoor version during the winter but for the real experience head outside.

3. Soccer

Now I will be the first to admit that I am not the greatest soccer player. But that doesn`t stop me from going out there and getting sweaty. Just try to be the best defender you can be, follow your man all over the pitch and if a ball comes your way give it a boot. Hey Ronaldo and Beckham have a pretty good thing going why not you?

4. Kids Games

This may sound a little odd to some of you but let us think about this for a minute. Hop scotch, jump rope, tag, and catch are all awesome exercises in their own right. Agiity, cardio, interval training and upper body strength all rolled into one fun workout. Best of all for those of you with younger kids, it is a great chance to be active with your little ones.

These are just a couple of ideas for you to try. I still want you doing resistance training 2-3 times a week but don`t forget to add this in to your week for a little fun.


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