Who am I?:
My name is Travis Charters. I am the founder of Charters Training and Conditioning. I am a fully certified professional personal trainer.

What is Charters Training and Conditioning?:
After working in the corporate gym atmosphere for 4+ years, I decided I needed to starting a training business based on my own morals and values. I wanted to build a business that was based on health, fitness, fun and education and not just concentrate on sales. Charters Training and Conditioning has allowed me to do so.

What is my background?:
I am a professional CanFitPro certified trainer. I have certifications in: Nutrition for Athletes, Virtruvian Muscle Testing and Gait Analysis,TRX suspension training and FKCI fitness kickboxing. I have studied in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) training, pre and post natal care, sand bag training and kickboxing boot camps.

I am passionate about health, fitness and competition. I was a member of both the University of Waterloo Varsity football team and the University of Waterloo nationally ranked cheer leading team. I competed in Muay Thai as a member of CASK(Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing). I have journeyed from a 220 pound high schooler to a 255 pound varsity football player and down to a 200 pound kickboxer. I know the challenges of reaching various fitness goals, including putting on muscle, losing fat, rehabilitating an injury, becoming more athletic or just changing your body. I will help you to reach your fitness goals!

post fight pose

post fight pose

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