“I have been working out with Travis for two years now and have seen great improvements in strength, conditioning and overall fitness.  His workouts are always challenging but achievable and designed to help you meet your goals.  So whether you want to get fit, stay fit or fight for a world title Travis will get you there !” 

-Stephen M

“I have worked with Travis for over two years and have always found him to be knowledgeable, motivating, and professional. I continue to be his client today and recommend Travis to anyone looking for a Personal Trainer!”-

Jamie L

“Travis is one of the most enthusiastic personal trainers I have ever worked with. He takes the time to address the needs of each of his clients, and researches the perfect program for everyone.

Travis approaches each client as an individual and puts in a great deal of effort to ensure his programs match their needs.

It was a lot of fun working with Travis; as he always brings his “A” game and it is evident he truly enjoys what he is doing.”

Alana P

“Travis is a great motivator, and designed well-rounded workouts that developed strength, core stability, agility and overall athleticism.”

Roosevelt F

“Travis is the kind of trainer that you follow, no matter where he goes. Before working with Travis, I considered myself to be fit, and strong, and working to the best of my abilities; he has pulled me beyond what I thought I – and the trainers I had worked with previously – could do. Lifting 1.25 times my body weight? Unassisted chin-ups? Leading the group of cyclists I used to draft behind? Well, yes indeed, I can do that now.

Travis is inventive and fun to work with. Add that to the fact that he understands exactly what my body needs and responds to in order to ring out the best results possible, and all I can say is that he is absolute gold.”

Melissa B

“A personal trainer like Travis provides two things for me, first is the motivation to continue and to reach farther then I could on my own, they help to push my limits but in a safe manner. The second part is to provide new ideas such as training methods and dietary considerations to make the most of the time I do train. Travis has done an amazing job to help me reach my next levels. Just a few things that I have achieved with his help are; I am now back to down to 260lbs with about 13% body fat, I am back playing all the sports I have in the past, I am back coaching rugby and work comes easier.”

Mark K

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