Olympic Move of the Day: Skaters and Hanging Oblique Raises

Sorry about missing yesterday, so here is two great exercises to make up for it.

In honour of our 2 most recent Gold medals in 1500 m speed skating and women’s moguls here’s a great super set for you to try.

Speed Skaters

This is a move that will hammer your quads, glutes and improve your lateral movement and balance.
Stand on your left leg, bring your right leg behind your left and then drive off your left foot. Use your arms in a skating motion for power and land on your right foot. Repeat 10 times each leg


Hanging Oblique Raises

Imagine you are flying down an icey mountain and up ahead is a long stretch of bumps called moguls ready to end your race. You better have the obliques and core strength to lift those legs as quick as you can.

Using a Roman chair at the gym or two large chairs at home, extend your arms straight down and support your weight on your arms. Raise your knees to the left making sure you are lifting your hips upward, lower and repeat to the right. Your knees should be facing a 45 degree angle. Aim for 10 each side.


Have fun channeling your inner Olympian!

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