Olympic Move of the Day: Jump Squat

I love the Olympics! Watching the best athletes in the world compete makes me want to work out even harder!
So for the duration of the Olympics I’m going to show you a great exercise that will either mimic an event or be an exercise used by the athletes. Today’s move is in honour of Canada’s first medal by Mark McMorris in Men’s Slopestyle.

Snow boarders need to get serious air and land safely as they go over hills on any course. The Jump Squat will simulate a snow boarder creating air and landing softly.

Stand with your feet roughly shoulder width apart. Pressing back in your heals, squat down to at least your thighs hit at least 90 degrees. As soon as you hit your depth, explode your hips forward and jump. As you land, go right into your next squat, using your legs as shock absorbers.


For those of you who want to advance it, add a 180 degree twist. Land and jump back your original position. Alternate directions.


Aim for 3 sets of 8-10 reps. Have fun!
Check back tomorrow for another great move!

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