Training Mantra

Train Smart, Train Hard and Train Safe

That is the Mantra of Charters Training and Conditioning. There are no gimmicks, no tricks, no fads. Just the right workouts for the right person. That does not mean that we don’t use the new techniques and equipment, far from it, we will just use techniques and equipment that will work for you. I will not use something for the sake of being cool. If it doesn’t help you reach your goals then we don’t use it.

Second mantra: Build a strong, functional and happy body!

First and foremost I want to help people feel better. Weight will come and go, but as long you are strong, pain free and are able to live your life the way you want it, then that is what is important. If you follow a healthy nutrition plan, drink lots of water and exercise daily you will lose weight. What I want to do is make your body work correctly and give you the strength and athleticism that will change your life.

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