Staying Healthy and FIt on Vacation

Some of you will be heading out for a well earned tropical cruise or a European getaway. YOu have worked hard and deserve to enjoy yourself but that doesn`t mean you have to totally forget your fitness goals. I am here to give you some help eating and exercising while on vacation.

Tropical Resort or Cruise:

Nutrition: The major problem with eating on a cruise or resort is the presence of buffets. Resorts cater to the masses and they prefer the salt, sugar and fat that is contained in fried and over sauced foods. Pick the roast chicken or local fish and add a baked potato and veggies. Most resorts and cruises have well stocked salad bars. Fill up on greens and veggies. Trust me your intestines will thank you! you can also stick to the a la carte restaurants or seated dining. Better quality and better options. You are on vacation, enjoy the good stuff!

Exercise: Luckily most resorts and cruises have a fairly well-stocked gym. Weight machines, cardio equipment and free weights. You don`t want to spend your whole day in the gym so pick 4-6 exercises and do a circuit style workout. 30 minutes and your metabolism will be burning, your body will be happy and you will look good by the pool. Speaking of the pool, swim a few laps every 15-20 mins or so while pool side for a nice workout.

European trip:

Nutrition: Oh Europe how much good food you have! The reason you go to other countries is to try new things. So make a list of the things you HAVE to try. This will allow you to enjoy without going overboard. Visit local markets and pick up local produce, cheese and bread for fresh and inexpensive lunches. Don`t forget to drink as much water as possible between all that wine. Whenever possible why not share a rich dessert or hearty local sandwich. All the taste half the guilt.

Exercise: Most European Hotels do not have gyms or even much space in your room to exercise. Still no excuses. Create a list of body weight and core exercises that you can do with even minimal space. Once again use a circuit style workout. You can pack a resistance band or TRX suspension trainer( with door mount to really amp up your workouts without taking up much suit case space. On my honeymoon to the Italian coast I rigged up my suspension trainer to a fence and worked out everyday. Image

I actually came home from my 10 day honey moon, with a 1% drop in body fat! the best way to see Europe is by walking. Walk as much as you can! A full day of walking through a new city is a fun and effective way to stay lean and healthy.

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