20 Minute Tuesday!

I’m starting a new weekly post called you guessed it…20 minute Tuesday!

With our busy lives sometimes time is at a premium so I am making it my goal to give you all legit workouts that can be done in under 20 minutes. Now these could be your only workout of the day and you will see positive results or you could use these as a mini workout you do later after your longer workout. You could even use some of these as a “finisher” type workout.

My goal is to provide a wide variety of plans, ranging from full body burners, to a killet arm pump to chest and back explosion. I’ll even toss in some strength building protocols.

So without further ado…

Full Upper Body Strength and Build

1a) Standing Strict OHP 3×5 reps 2-0-0 tempo, 10 second rest

1b) Wide Grip Lat Pull downs 3×8-12 reps 3-1-1 tempo.

2 min break between sets

Do at least 1 set of each to warm up. The OHP should allow you one rep in the tank but on pull downs you can go to failure.

2. Seated Machine Press/ Cable 1 sets rest pause( max reps,15 sec break repeat x2) 1 minute break

3. TRX or Inverted Rows 50 reps for time

This one of my favourite workouts in a pinch for time. Now if you do have more time by all means add 2 more sets of OHP or another set of chest but for our purposes is making sure you can fit it in in 20 mins. You might not be able to press quite as much as you could with longer breaks but that’s ok! It is about fitting a great workout in! Everyone has 20 mins. Before work. Lunch time. You can do this!!

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