30 minute Workout of the Day! Upper body 

I’ve been home for a week with my newborn and despite my lack of sleep I’ve still got my workouts in daily. I’ve just had to make some changes based on home equipment and time limits.

Today’s workout was a chest and back explosion!

I used the German volume training principle and did a 10×10 superset of hand release push ups and single arm KB rows.

While this was designed as an at home workout it still is a perfect set for a busy commercial gym. Just find a corner and start sweating.

For today’s workout I added 3 sets of AMRAP( as many reps as possible) of band pull aparts and single arm KB floor press. In my case I used my 50 lb KB but pick a weight you can do 20 reps for.


Hand release push ups 10x 10

Single arm KB rows 10×10

3 sets amrap

Band pull aparts

Single arm floor press

Have fun!

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