At Home Great Butt Workout! The name says it all!

First of all this workout is not just for the ladies out there! There are three major muscles that make up your butt and by training all three you will not only look great, you will be stronger, more explosive and strengthen your lower back.
Trust me guys if you want to squat heavy you will need strong glutes to do so. This workout can be done at home without weights but it can be advanced by adding more resistence at home or at the gym. Each pair of exercises will be done as a superset (do one exercise then the other without a break). Take 60 seconds between sets. 2-3 sets of each pair.

1 a ) Bulgarian Split Squats- This is a unilateral exercise or one leg at a time. In a lunge position, elevate your back leg with something at least 6 inches off the ground such as a step stool or bench. Keeping your chest back and core tight, sink down until your front thigh is parallel to th ground. keeping the weight in your front foot, press back up. That’s one rep. Do 10-12 the switch to other leg.

1 b) Elevated Hip Bridges- Lay on your backnwith your feet shoulderwidth apart. Using the same elevation used for the split squats, place your feet sole down on the bench. Press your hips to the sky, squeezing your butt together as you do. Return to starting position, repeat for 15-20 reps.

2 a) Step Ups- You will need a sturdy bench or step preferably at least mid thigh height.  Facing the bench, place one foot on the bench. Step up until your leg is totally straight. Lower your self under control back down. Keep your foot on the bench for the entirety of the set. Do 10-12 reps then switch legs.

2 b) Deep Squats- Assume a good squat position, feet just outside shoulder width, toes turned slightly out. Squat down until your thighs are at the bare minimum past parallel. Drive through your heels and explode upwards, squeezing your cheeks at the top of the rep. Do 15-20 reps.

3 a). Side lunges- Standing straight, step laterally ( to the side) until your thigh is parallel to the ground. Push back until you are back to your starting position. Be sure to keep your toes facing forward. Do 10-12 then switch legs.

3 b) Bird Dogs- These not only build up the butt, but also work your core stability. Get onto your hands and knees. Keeping your back level, raise your left arm straight ahead of you while at the same time kicking your right leg straight behind you. You should feel your right butt cheek engage into your lower back. If you don’t lift higher. 15 reps on one side, the 15 on the other.

Well there you go just in time for beach season. Do this twice a week with two days in between and you will not only develop a great butt, your will be able to lift more and jump higher then you ever have before. Give it a chance and see. Let me know how it goes:)

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