Congratulations to Team YOLO for Surviving Tough Mudder Toronto 2013!


After 2 months of crawling, carrying, pulling and hill running with yours truly, Team YOLO travelled to Mount St. Louis Moonstone to tackle the Tough Mudder. 17 + KM of leg killing hills, ankle breaking obstacles and bone chilling water and they made it through with flying colours. To top things off it was a cool, windy day that just added more to their misery. Despite all this they conquered the toughest race on the planet. There were times throughout our training that we had doubts but I knew this team had the mental toughness to make it through. I’m super proud of this team and can’t wait to get them ready for next years! Congratulations Julie, Jeff, Carley, Serge, Joe and Emma! You guys are superstars!

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