OHP Warm up: Just do it!

Single Arm Wall Roll
Banded Face Pulls
Overhead Ball Tosses

Today was Upper body day, with a concentration on OHP.
Instead of going through the workout, I wanted to show you the warm up I do to prep for an epic press day.
I truly believe that OHP is a great exercise assuming your upper back and thoracic mobility is solid.
This warm up is designed to improve scapular movement, warm up your shoulder capsules, improve upper back posture and then jump start your CNS.
1. Single arm wall rolls(first video)
Double arm variation is great as well but I do prefer the single arm variation due to the extra upward scapula action I can achieve. And by keeping pressure on the way down we strengthen our serratus anterior which is an added bonus. 2 sets of 10-12 each arm
2  Banded Facepulls.
Facepulls should be a staple in all of your programs but in this instance im using a high rep band variation to warm up my shoulder capsules for a heavy press day. Make sure your hands are at least eye height and let your shoulder blades move all the way forward on every rep to once again improve/maintain scapular movement. I used 2 sets of 15-20 as a warm up but I also add 2 or 3 more sets in between my first sets of OHP.
3. Med ball Overhead Throw
The last exercise is all about performance.
Our goal is to create force and throw the ball as high as possible. This will warm up your upper body as well as prime your CNS for a heavy lift. This is about force and not reps so stick to 2 sets of 3 reps.

Doing all 3 as a circuit is also an efficient way to warm up especially if time is a factor.

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