The Stigma of CanFitPro Conference

The CanFitPro World Fitness Conference is coming up this week. I as a certified trainer and studio owner will be attending the full weekend. This conference is the largest in North America and yet I hear every year from colleagues and other trainers that they won’t be attending. Often the excuse is that CanFitPro is not legitimate enough or advanced enough for them.

I find this a huge cop out as well as a mistake. I’ve been a full time, certified personal trainer for over 9 years. I’ve continued to educate myself through courses and certifications and can be considered an experienced trainer but I still respect this conference for what it is. Sure, some of my favourite fitness resources and presenters such as Christian Thibideau and Joe DeFranco won’t be on the docket but there are plenty of great resources.

It’s out job as professional trainers to better ourselves. Sometimes this is by getting out of our comfort zones and trying a new work shop in group training or a lecture in pre natal workouts. You can never have enough knowledge or experience. If you are snobby enough to think you are too advanced or too cool for this conference then you are doing yourself and your clients a huge disservice.

I use this conference to recharge my training batteries and to pick up a few tasty tidbits of training knowledge. It is these little things that make all the difference for your business and your clients! Don’t ever forgo a chance to be better. Do enjoy the World Fitness expo as best you can and make it fit what you need.

Oh and ps don’t forgot all the free stuff!

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