Trying out the “Wobble” Squat

My workout this morning was a lower body destruction.
Started with working up to a 3 rep max on front squats, included heavy 8 rep max of Romanian deadlifts and finished with a 50 rep set of goblet step back lunges. But what really set this workout apart for me was a new exercise I picked up from called the Wobble squat.

I went with 3 sets of 5 with 195 on the bar and 20 pound kettle bells on each side. The first set took a little to get used to, especially as I un-racked the bar and felt the motion of the KBs. But that’s a big reason why they work so well, as it forces you to really engage your core. Not only that it also forces you to engage your lats and upper back which is an added bonus.
I did these at a relatively heavy weight, especially following heavy front squats but this can be done a little lighter to fix squat form or more hypertrophy.
With the motion of the KB’s, you are forced to concentrate on form and this will show you in a hurry if you aren’t driving equally through both legs and hips.
This lift is popular in power lifting circles but I hope to see this used more frequently in all training circles.
This isn’t a beginner exercise but once you have a solid back squat, use this to amp it up a notch!

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