Do a Free style , Feel good Workout!

Having a program you follow is definitely important to achieving your fitness goals.
But sometimes you start feeling blah about your workout ans you need a break from your strict program. You don’t want to miss a workout but you can’t bring yourself to squat yourself to death.

The answer: A feel good workout.

Whether you pick a lagging body part and hammer out 3 or 4 exercises or do a beach workout or hammer out a conditioning circuit, the key is to pick something that you enjoy and will make you feel good.

Today I decided I wanted to crank out some upper back work and add some conditioning so I did the following:

Incline chest supported DB rows x 8
Incline chest supported DB rear delt Flys x10
Cable face pulls x 12
Repeated for 4 rounds

5 2 minute rounds of heavy bag work

That’s it. Done and done in 30 mins.
I left sweaty, pumped and feels good great!

I left the gym knowing I hadn’t  expended all of my energy. But that just motivated me more to have an epic strength workout Monday morning.

Never feel guilty for doing a workout that may seem less strenuous to your normal program. Your mental health and well being is just as important as your physical being. Crushing huge workouts everyday can be taxing on your mind as well as your body. Remember that working out is designed to make you feel good!

So don’t be afraid to an epic bicep workout or hit the rowing machine or just do a sweet about circuit. Make your choice, get it done and be happy!

And of course crush tomorrow’s workout!

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