Special 6 Week Training Package

Many of you have started on your New Years resolutions to lose weight or start a healthier lifestyle. You may have joined a crowded gym or bought a restrictive temporary diet plan. I hope you have seen some of the results you were hoping for but if you’re not then here is a deal for you. 
I am offering a 6 Week program consisting of:
2 one on one training sessions per week
2 small group training sessions per week
Meal guidance including sample daily meal plan
1 at home workout program.
Weigh in, body composition and measurements
This has a 1000 dollar value but I am offering this for only 600 dollars.

During this program I will teach you:
The proper way to warm up and activate your body before your workout

How to perform the squat, deadlift, overhead press, bench press, row and chin up.

Teach you the basics of kickboxing and Muay Thai

My goal is for you to be able to continue working out properly with or without my help. We will work through strength training protocols as well as muscle building. 

Stop using machines or attempting exercises with improper form. I will teach you proper technique that will allow you to be stronger and fitter without injuring or damaging your body. After all what is the point of working out of you end up hurt?

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