Guide to a Healthy Happy Thanksgiving

Well Thanksgiving is almost here. The supermarkets are full of turkeys, bakeries are full of pumpkin pies and people everywhere are giving up on their fitness goals for 3 long days of holiday feasting.
I am not suggesting that you should skip those amazing meals with your family, but I am here to help you survive the food fest and stay on track with your healthy lifestyle.
Here are some tips to follow that will keep your Thanksgiving delicious and healthy!

1. Get a killer workout in early
Whether you are near your own gym or visiting your family back home, an intense workout is essential. Don’t aim for a 90 minute marathon, aim for a 20-40 minute intense workout, preferably a circuit of some kind. Here’s an example of an intense workout you can do anywhere:
1. Jump squats
2. push ups
3. Crunches
4. Jumping jacks
5. Air squats
6. Bench dips
7. Leg lifts
8. Burpees

Do 30 seconds of each exercise with no break in between. 1 min break between sets. Aim for 3

This type of workout will jump start your metabolism and allow you to better burn off those Thanksgiving goodies.

2. Drink lots of water
Water will keep that full feeling as well as helping your intestinal tract process food. People often mistake thirstiness for hunger, so keep yourself from making this mistake.

3. 40 squats before dinner
About 10 minutes before dinner, find an empty room and do 40 air squats. This will prime your body to absorb and burn more of what you eat. Think of your body as a campfire. By starting a small fire, the big logs will burn much more efficiently. The small fire is your squats.

4. Pick your Favs!
Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy and indulge. The key is not over doing it. Start your plate with white turkey and greens. Add a small serving of your favourites: stuffing, sweet potatoes, casseroles etc. Often all you need is a taste of these to satisfy your craving. By loading up on turkey and green first, you will less tempted to devour a pound of Mom’s stuffing.

5. Get some fresh air after dinner
After dinner gather your family for an outdoor activity. It can be as simple as a walk around the neighbourhood or start a touch football game. The key here is too get outside for 30 minutes or so and help get that dinner digested. Fall is a beautiful season so enjoy it with your family. You will feel less stuffed and it’s a chance to enjoy some quality time with your family.

6. Taste of Dessert
Choose the fruit tray when dessert comes with a side of a small serving of your favourite. It’s tough I know but your body will thank you.

So 6 simple rules to enjoy a happy, healthy Thanksgiving. Life is supposed to be enjoyed, so enjoy but as always, do it in moderation.

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