No Quick Fixes: Working for Long Term Health and Fitness

Everyday I log into Twiiter or Facebook or turn on the tv, I see a new fitness or diet craze that gurantees instant results. Well let me tell you something: there is no such thing as instant results! Wikipedia defines results as ” the final consequence of a sequence of actions or events expressed qualitatively or quantitatively”
Achieving results requires you to do the actions, in this case exercise, eat healthy, drink water, sleep, etc. You can’t pay money had instantly achieve “results”. The key word we have to look at is “final” comsequence. Being healthy and fit is a life time job not a short term thing. Anyone offering you results in 6 weeks or 60 days is mearly offering you a step or two in your fitness journey. Unfortunately, many of these fad diets, workouts and supplements will give you postove changes that won’t last much past the duration of the program. So in essence it is one step forward and two steps back.
These fads also don’t take into account what results you are looking for. Everyone of us has different results that we want to achieve. Not everybody wants to be super skinny or look like a bikini model. Being healthy and fit has so many more permutations then that.  The images of these amazing transformations on tv are easily done through air brushes, tanning and overhead lighting. I could take almost anyone, take a before picture and then within an hour or two have them “look” super cut and lean. That doesn’t mean they are. As soon as the lights change, their tan fades and their pump reduces they are back to their normal selves. That’s what these fads do, they give temporary illusions of health and take a lot of your money. I am not saying some of these don’t have merit (that’s a topic for another post) but the people who do see results have to committed to a healthy lifestyle not just the quick fix.
Before attempting any fitness program or diet, you have to ask yourself what do you want to accomplish? I hope one of your answers will always be to live a long and happy life. Ultimately what can be more important? I’m not telling you to not worry about your weight or how you look; but worry about it for your sake and not anyone else. Achieve what you want to achieve and screw everyone else.
I won’t get into achieving specific goals in this post but I want to give you all a guideline for achieving the result of living a long healthy life.
1. Eat as many vegetables as possible
2. Drink water like its going out of style (or at least 4 litres a day)
3. Exercise at least 4 hours a week, but be active at least 30-45 minutes a day (walking, sports,playing, gardening, etc)
4. Sleep 6.5-9 hours a night.
5. Find a stress reliever, stress is literally a killer so do something fun! Martial arts, sports, running, anything really!
6. Enjoy treats occasionally, one bad meal doesn’t make you unhealthy, so enjoy!
7. Stretch 10-15 minutes a day, take a yoga class or get a training session to learn proper stretching. The older you get the more important flexibility becomes.
8. Lift heavier weights. Stronger body means functional body and stable body.

These are a simple path to follow for long term health and fitness. You can’t do these for 60 days and be fit for life. Don’t be drawn in by advertising promising un realistic goals or unsustainable results. You have to ask yourself; if being super skinny was so easy why isn’t everyone skinny and looking like a model? Simply put its not easy. The only true plan for success is hard work, commitment and planning. So aim for the results that you want and remember if you ever need a little help I am here for you:)

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